About us

Freight farms, ESt. 2010


With the global food system becoming increasingly more complex and obscure, consumers are looking for a reliable source of sustainable and local produce. Freight Farms is addressing these needs by empowering farmers with the physical and digital solutions needed to grow fresh produce year-round, in all climates. 

We have achieved this with the Leafy Green Machine™. Our commercial-grade, vertical, hydroponic growing facility is built inside of a repurposed shipping container and is outfitted with environmental controls and indoor growing technology. Farmers can grow with confidence using Freight Farms’ technology platform: farmhand®. With farmhand®, farmers can monitor and control the LGM™ remotely, as well as analyze data to create the optimal growing conditions inside the farm. 

While our Freight Farmers come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, all of them have a mission to shorten the distance that our food travels from farm to table. Whether they serve restaurants, grocers, or entire campuses, Freight Farmers rely on the Leafy Green Machine™ for high-quality and sustainable produce, 365 days a year.