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farming for good

The Leafy Green Machine™ is the perfect platform for creating community-focused programs targeting better nutrition, increased employment, effective therapy, well-rounded education, and much more.


Expand each section to see how the Leafy Green Machine can address the social initiative!


+ Therapy & Rehab

Horticultural therapy, practiced since the Ancient Greeks, is still used today as a therapeutic method for helping at-risk and/or special needs individuals. Farming in the LGM provides many of the same benefits.

One main benefit is that farmers spend hours working with their hands. Calm and methodical work while using your hands can increase happiness by promoting feelings of vitality and effectiveness. This, in turn, can reduce stress and depression and relieve anxiety


+ Educational Programs

The Leafy Green Machine is an excellent educational tool for all ages. It can be used as a platform for teaching nutrition, as inspiration for STEM students, or as practical work experience for young or at-risk kids.

The LGM can be used for educational purposes in the following categories:

  • Agriculture and biology
  • Engineering and industrial design
  • Computer science
  • Business and marketing
  • Statistics
  • Sustainability

+ Health & Wellness

Leafy greens are a cornerstone of a healthy and balanced diet. The vitamins and minerals found in kale, spinach, collard greens, and other plant varieties can help prevents many chronic conditions such as: obesity, vitamin deficiencies, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. By pairing education with access, people at risk of developing these chronic health problems can change their eating habits more effectively.


+ Fresh Food Access

One of the main uses for the LGM™ is to bring fresh food to underserved communities and food deserts in urban or rural locations. Both nutritious and delicious, the greens from the farm are rich in nutrients and can be harvested with their seedling plugs, which extends the plant's shelf life up to two weeks.


+ Jobs & Revenue

With an LGM requiring 15-20 hours a week, it can provide meaningful part-time employment to help achieve your programs goals. At-risk youth and adults can gain valuable work experience while making a living wage, or the Leafy Green Machine can be operated for profit to create jobs in the community. The LGM can also provide a revenue stream for other parts of a non-profit organization.

We proudly recognize the Leafy Green Machine, which truly exemplifies innovative, scalable and equitable sustainability. Groundbreaking projects like this help us move further toward a future that is resilient and regenerative.
— Andrea Pinabell, President of Southface
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provide nutrition & Variety

Leafy greens are an invaluable component of a nutritious, well-balanced diet. The Leafy Green Machine can grow a wide variety of leafy greens, such as kale, spinach, arugula, collard greens, Swiss chard, Asian greens, and much more!


Not only are leafy greens high-fiber, low-cal, low-sodium, low-cholesterol, and low on the glycemic index, these leafy greens are rich sources of vitamins and minerals:


Vitamin A

Promotes good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth.

Vitamin C

An antioxidant that helps to maintain bone, blood vessel, and skin health.

Vitamin E

Balances cholesterol and fights free radicals to prevent disease.

Vitamin K

Protects bones and helps prevent birth defects.


Necessary for the creation of hemoglobin and many other proteins and enzymes. 

Folic Acid (B9)

Helps prevent depression and is an important neonatal supplement.


An electrolyte that allows nerves and muscles to function properly.


Strengthens bones and teeth, allows for muscles to contract, supports the creation of hormones and enzymes. 


Promotes healthy bone formation and allows for calcium absorption. 

Thiamine (B1)

Protects the immune system.

Riboflavin (B2)

An antioxidant that fights free radicals and promotes red blood creation. 


Protects cells from free radicals. 



How Our Produce Compares

Big Ag

After decades of soil depletion, vegetables grown in big-Ag operations are less nutritionally dense, with nutrient declines ranging from 12% (calcium) to 37% (iron).

Once harvested, plants can lose significant amounts of their remaining nutritional value during cold storage and transport: Some vegetables can lose up to 50% of their Vitamin C during this time period.

the LGM

Thanks to the LGM's smart features, plants are grown in water doused with the optimal nutrient mixture, meaning that every plant can grow in an ideal environment. 

Freight Farmers will typically harvest and sell produce within the same day. Their communities get the benefit of fresh produce that is not only nutritionally rich, but available all year round at a consistent quality.

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a sustainable solution

The Leafy Green Machine™ is a sustainable alternative to traditional farming methods. Using 95% less water than soil farms, our 320 sq. ft. farm can still grow up to 2 acres* worth of produce. This means an LGM operator can harvest up to 100 lbs of produce a week, and 2-4 tons* of produce a year.



Water Efficiency


On top of using significantly less water than traditional farming methods, our hydroponic farm also produces little waste water (if any at all) because it is designed to recycle water back into the main tank. Any leakage that does occur can be easy collected and repurposed, or safely absorbed into the ground, as there is no run-off of harmful herbicides or pesticides that can threaten surrounding water sources.

sustain the community

The Leafy Green Machine is a great way to build community identity, involvement, and health by forging lasting interpersonal connections and a sense of purpose. Whatever your mission is, the community can volunteer, support, or benefit from the work being done in the LGM. 


* Data is crop dependent





Freight farmers making a Difference


Discover some of the social initiatives that our customers have supported with the Leafy Green Machine.


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