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Launch a successful farming business with Freight Farms

The demand for sustainable and local food has never been higher. With Freight Farms’ intuitive technology, the ability to successfully grow and sell it has never been easier.

Use the power of the Greenery–the most advanced container farm on the market–to build a thriving farming business that lets you feed your community fresh food anytime, anywhere.

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Build Your Business


One Platform, Countless Applications

Freight Farms makes you an instant farming expert. All that’s left to do is apply the technology to your unique venture.

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Bring the highest quality greens to
the farmers market.

Bees Greens Co. is bringing fresh back to Hawaii, a market mostly dependent on imported perishable goods. With the best tasting greens around, Bees Greens has grown a dedicated fan base.

Learn about Bee Greens Co.


Provide restaurants with artisanal lettuces and hard-to-find herbs.

Hammock Greens serves farm-to-table restaurants in the Miami area with high quality and unique greens all year round. Their signature 15 variety mix is so popular, there’s a waiting list!

Learn about Hammock Greens

Supply grocery stores fresh produce year-round.

HerbanLeaf Farms is a family-owned business growing local in the arid Cyprus climate. They educate their customers on hydroponics and the value of eating local while growing the best kale around.

Learn about HerbanLeaf Farms.


Not looking to start your own business?

We work with countless corporations, schools, non-profits, and municipalities to
bring the value of hyperlocal food to the community. Your organization could be next!

I want a Greenery for my organization


Steps to Start

Steps to Start


Whether you’re a farming novice or a plant expert, you can start farming in the Greenery in no time. Simply follow our tried-and-true steps to get started. Contact us for customized information tailored to your needs!



Craft a Powerful Business Plan

Every great business starts with a smart business plan. Understanding the market and crafting a vision for your business will help you pinpoint the customers to target and which plants to grow.

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(A) Know your market

Think you’d like to start farming in your community? Start with market research: Who are your potential customers? What are their needs? What are the average prices for greens in your area? These questions will guide you in the right business direction.

+ Find your customers

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about which markets are most responsive to the Freight Farms mission. We share our knowledge with you in our customer guide!

(B) Decide what to grow

Once you’ve determined your customer base, it’s time to decide what you will grow. Whether you focus on a single crop, or choose to grow a diverse variety, you’ll be bringing your customers incredible quality.

+ Crop List

We've successfully grown over 200 varieties of lettuces, leafy greens, herbs, roots, and flowers. Get the full list: Crop Guide Download.


(C) Write your business plan

You’ve done the research, now put it on paper! By organizing your plan in a comprehensive document, you can approach financiers, potential customers, and local government officials with confidence.

+ Begin your business plan

Use our guide to impress everyone with a professional business plan. Download our Business Plan Writing Guide to get started.

+ Market Like A Pro

Learn how you can use in-person and digital marketing to attract customers, create partnerships, and engage the community. Read our marketing how-to.


Here’s what our
farmers grow




Secure Financing

From building an airtight business plan, to securing a loan, to
co-writing a grant submission, our experienced business development team will guide you to find your funds.



Several farmers get loans to finance their farming projects. We encourage new farmers to go to their local bank when applying for a loan. Freight Farms has also partnered with CIT Bank to provide farmers favorable equipment financing.



Many small business owners are eligible for government grants to promote innovation in agriculture, inclusion of women in business, and economic development. Explore your grant options at



Freight Farms offers new farmers a 3-5 year lease-to-own program. All farmers with over two years of personal business experience are eligible with a 20% down payment. Contact us to see if you qualify.




Prepare Your Site

We help you navigate zoning laws in your area to get your site approved with the local government. From there, you can be farm-ready with just a few site modifications.


Choose a location

The Greenery is compact, climate controlled, and easy to transport by truck or boat. That makes it compatible with any location that has access to water and electricity, including vacant lots, rooftops, and even indoor spaces.

+ Grow Food Anywhere

Whether you're located in the middle of the desert or on the top of a snowy mountain, your Greenery is built to succeed. Read all about how your farm is able to thrive in harsh climate conditions.

+ Navigate the Zoning Process

Who should I talk to? What should I say? What documents do I need to provide? These are all questions we answer in our 6 tips to navigate the zoning process.

Make it farm-ready

Find a site you like? Get it ready for the farm to arrive with our comprehensive Site, Supplies, Delivery, and Placement Guide.

+ Site and Delivery Guide

Step 1: Make your site farm ready (get inspired).

Step 2: Work with Freight Farms to organize your site, supplies, and delivery logistics.

Download the comprehensive guide.

Farm delivery in Cyprus for HerbanLeaf Farms

Farm delivery in Cyprus for HerbanLeaf Farms



Get Trained

Our comprehensive training programs prepare you to start farming the moment your Greenery arrives. With options for every learning type, our Client Services team will guide you through the entire training process.

Download the complete training guide


In-Person Training

Farm Camp is the in-person training program that sets Freight Farms apart. Over the course of one or two days, new farmers will learn everything they need to successfully operate their farm.

Online Training

Farmhand Academy is a comprehensive, 120+ lesson course separated into 10 distinct learning paths designed to get you fully trained from the comfort of home.




They did it–so can you

We know our farmers are your best resources, so we make it our job to document their journeys with webinars, spotlights, and Q&As.

Karma Farm - Webinar

Karma Farm is a father-son business in Monkton, MD. Jon (dad) farms his traditional land and Nat (son) runs the hydroponic operations. Together, the Shaws provide Baltimore's farm-to-table restaurants with a variety of lettuces, leafy greens, and herbs.

> View entire case study

Acre in a Box - Webinar

Andrew successfully grows kale and a variety of quality lettuces which he sells to restaurants in the downtown Houston area. Andrew hopes to expand his operations and become and supplier and partner with HEB—a large Texan grocery store chain.

> View entire case study

Meet More Farmers


Get In Touch

Our experienced team is your best resource! Contact them to get personalized advice and assistance as you work on your business plan, site, and financing.