Baltimore probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of farming, but that’s all about to change with one of our newest freight farmers, Urban Pastoral.

Also referred to as UP, Urban Pastoral is an agricultural development firm that is poised to make a significant impact on the food scene in the Baltimore...and abroad. J.J., UP’s founder, and his team have been developing Urban Pastoral for some time now, with plans to redefine the landscape of cities and make them more food independent. What better place to start than Baltimore? The city has abundant underutilized and vacant property, and UP is on a mission to activate those spaces and use food as a catalyst for its urban revival.

With such an extensive mission, Urban Pastoral decided to take a multi-faceted approach, and the duo was eager to get their project off the ground quickly, hoping to begin to empower their community in Baltimore. Once they began to research the technology necessary to jump start their business, they realized that working with Freight Farms just made sense. Once they’re up and growing, they plan to expand into rooftop hydroponic greenhouses to increase impact potential.

Committed to bringing the freshest local greens to their city, UP will provide the community with nutritious, sustainably-produced food year-round, while simultaneously strengthening their local food economy. By partnering with real estate developers and nonprofits, as well as participating with the Baltimore Food Hub, UP aims to build ecosystems of integrated food and agricultural businesses on strategic sites across the city.

In even more exciting news, their team is heading to Milan, Italy this September to pitch their project at EXPO 2015: Feeding the Future!

We look forward to growing with UP and will keep you posted on their progress! For more information about Urban Pastoral, check out their website here.

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