Shawn and Connie Cooney started careers as farmers in 2013 because they wanted to do something different. After purchasing four Leafy Green Machines, the husband and wife duo launched their new business, Corner Stalk Farm, and became the largest commercial urban farm in the city of Boston. Fast forward three years, and they are now staple vendors at the city’s year-round, all local market selling fresh greens grown only a few miles away. Watch their story here:

In the beginning, the relatively new concept raised a few questions around town, and the city was in the middle of developing new legislation around urban farming. Shawn proved himself as a huge advocate by attending countless community meetings and pushing for this technology to be included in the city's laws. Before they knew it, Corner Stalk had propelled them into Boston’s food and urban farming scene and they quickly became known as the couple farming in shipping containers in East Boston.

When it comes to running the business, they took a divide and conquer approach: Shawn runs the farms and Connie runs the retail shop. He likes to focus on making sure the plants are happy, while she enjoys the social interactions at Boston Public Market and getting to talk to all their customers.

Shawn and Connie's choice to do something different with their careers has blossomed into a venture that's had a true impact on the community. Every day they engage with new and returning customers at the Boston Public Market, listening to their stories and sharing their own. If you're ever in town, we encourage you to visit the market...maybe you'll make it on their wall of fame!