The Greenery, our climate-controlled, indoor, hydroponic growing system, requires no previous farming experience to operate. However, those already managing successful farms can reap extra benefits. Aside from extending your season—and of course, your income—into the full calendar year, our soil farmers always appreciate conveniences like harvesting upright, forgetting about weeds, avoiding pests, and many more.


Here are 10 ways An Existing Farm Can Benefit
from A Greenery.


1) Extend your season – expand your income. Inside the Greenery, it’s always growing season. Grow and sell leafy greens 365 days a year without fear of unexpected frosts, droughts, or storms. The Greenery ensures a stable base income, and adds diversity to your business. Show your buyers that you’re a consistent supplier, capable of providing high quality and hyper-local produce regardless of the season.

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2) Every farmer needs a farmhand®. Farming is famously difficult. But while the Greenery still requires work, your hydroponic crop will be the simplest to manage, thanks to farmhand®. Each Greenery is outfitted with sensors that monitor air and water conditions and adjust automatically. These levels can be monitored, analyzed, and controlled remotely, so you have extra time to focus on your other growing operations… or just relax.

3) Optimize what you already own. Even the most efficient farms tend to have a bit of unproductive square footage, whether it’s shady, rocky, or just too small. The Greenery is a simple way to transform that land into a high efficiency growth space. All you need is a 50’x10’ plot to grow an additional 4-8 tons of produce per year.

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4) Harvest standing up. Studies show 26% of farmers and ranchers experience chronic back pain. The common causes of chronic back pain are “ergonomic stressors” such as forceful exertions, stooping, and continuous bending. By farming in the Greenery you’re able to avoid all of these stressors. Our lightweight vertical towers attach and detach easily, while planting and harvesting is all performed on the waist-high worktable.

5) Grow more money-makers. As the name suggests, the Greenery is optimized to grow leafy greens. And while all greens can be profitable, those grown inside the Greenery are clean, pesticide-free, and available year-round in any climate. These factors help many of our farmers command premium prices, especially in direct-to-consumer sales channels like farmers’ markets or CSAs.

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6) Two words: NO WEEDING. In the Greenery, the only plants that grow are the ones you want to grow.

7) No more pesky pests. The closed nature of the Greenery keeps critters out of the farm and away from your crop. This helps to keep your produce compliant with food safety standards and your yields extremely high (on average 94% of produce grown is marketable).

8) Get your money’s worth. At $104,000, the Greenery costs less to purchase and maintain than most commercial-grade farming equipment. On average, our farmers fully recoup their original investment within three years.


9) Favorable financing. We understand that adding a Greenery to your current growing operations is a commitment, therefore we’re very excited to offer several financing options. As a business owner with farming experience, you’re in a great position to secure low-interest financing and become and Freight Farmer right away.

10) Tax-deductible. Like other farming equipment, the Greenery qualifies as a “single-purpose horticultural structure” under Section 179 of the IRS tax code. This means you can deduct the full cost of the Greenery from your annual taxable income, saving $8.5-$30k (depending on your income tax bracket).

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We understand that many farmers are unfamiliar with hydroponics, which is why we make the learning process as easy as possible. Upon purchasing the Greenery, you can come to Boston for Farm Camp–an intensive one-day training program–or take our comprehensive on-line course–farmhand® Academy–at your own pace. Once you get set up, our Client Services team is always a call away.