In 2013, Mitch Hagney transformed an old warehouse in downtown San Antonio, Texas, into a space where local food production could thrive 365 days a year. The previously abandoned property became home to one of the first Leafy Green Machines ever built, and it is still growing greens for the city today. Watch his story here:

The goals of Mitch's farming business, Local Sprout, are to increase access to healthy food for all people, reduce the environmental impact of food production, and teach everyone about a more sustainable food system. The company achieves this by growing in the heart of the city, only a short distance from consumers, and engaging with the local community in a variety of ways.

The food movement has been growing rapidly in San Antonio, gaining momentum as people become more interested in the story behind the food on their plates. This has provided local producers and chefs tremendous opportunities to thrive, and Local Sprout is the perfect example.

Local Sprout's greens can be found on the menu of numerous restaurants across the city, and the company is a staple at the local farmers market. But it’s not just the quality of the food that has people coming back for more. Mitch has received unwavering support from his community because of his friendly nature and undeniable passion for improving the food system. As he explains, “I got into agriculture because I thought a lot of the process was messed up and someone had to do something about it.”

Food is a foundation for community, an ingredient of cultural identity, a medium for culinary expression, and a powerful tool for change. Through Grow Food Here we want to celebrate all those working to improve our relationship with food, so join us in the conversation!

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