A Conversation with Client Services

We recently sat down with Julia from our Client Services (CS) team to get to know her, her role as Head of Farmer Education, and how she helps our customers succeed in their hydroponic farming ventures by teaching them everything they need to know. Don’t worry if you missed it, we recorded the conversation for you as part of our full length webinar!


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We started our conversation with an overview of Farm Camp, our two day training program.

We talked with Julia about her role as the Head of Farmer Education and all the knowledge Freight Farmers gain with our help. The crowning jewel of our farmer education offerings is our intensive training course, Farm Camp.

Farm Camp Basics

  • Two days in Boston

  • Attended by two key operators

  • In-farm and in-classroom sessions

  • Attend one week before farm delivery (optimal)

  • Held once a month

  • $2,500 for the two key operators

  • More options available: web farm camp and on-site farm camp

A Program That Sets Us Apart

For Freight Farms, it is truly our intensive and extensive training resources that set us apart. Unlike other container farming solutions, we have the training resources designed to help you succeed. The other guys just don’t have our level of experience or support. We set very high standards for ourselves, making sure that we’re imparting all of our knowledge onto our new farmers.

What sets us apart is that we have [training], and the other guys don’t.
— Julia Pope, Head of Farmer Education at Freight Farms

FF: Is Farm Camp required?

Julia: Technically, no. However, there is a huge positive correlation between a farmer’s attendance of Farm Camp and their overall success.

FF: What is web Farm Camp, and is it as effective as in-person Farm Camp?

Julia: Web Farm Camp is something we’re currently developing, and it’s getting better every day. It’s a very interactive experience for the trainees. I provide them with the necessary materials and assessments to make sure they’re learning what they need, and then once a week we’ll have a phone call and discuss what they’ve learned. The whole web training usually takes two weeks. As for effectiveness, it really depends on the new farmer’s learning style and project timeline. Web Farm Camp is accessible all the time, while in-person Farm Camp is only once a month, which doesn’t work for everyone. So sometimes we have farmers do both!

Access Everything You Need to Know

The learning doesn’t stop when you leave Farm Camp. We give all of our farmers 24/7 access to the online Help Center which is chalk full of, well, helpful stuff! There are hundreds of articles and videos that are designed to reinforce and add to everything you learn in training. There is an article available for almost any issue you can experience with the LGM. The hope is that instead of calling the CS team immediately, farmers can become self-reliant and do the initial research into the problem themselves. Furthermore, the Help Center is a living and breathing document that is always being updated based on requests from customers and developments from our R&D team here at the office.

Learn From Your Peers

Julia talked about the Freight Farmer Community as another great learning tool. The community is an online forum that connects all of our farmers and the CS team in one place. Experienced farmers are incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly, always looking to help newer farmers learn.

I get to see someone come in…they’re kind of nervous and overwhelmed about this huge journey they’re about to start...They’re here for a few days and they walk out equally overwhelmed with all the information that they got, but with this sparkle in their eye.
— Julia Pope, in response to the question "What is your favorite part of your job?"