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Hydroponic technology allows farmers to cultivate crops year-round, no matter where they live. So whether you're farming in sub-zero temperatures, or live in a tropical climate, the LGM's climate control makes it possible to grow a wide variety of crops all year long. 

As its name implies, the Leafy Green Machine is optimized to grow a variety of leafy green crops from lettuces, to herbs, to heartier greens like kale and swiss chard. However, our farmers have had success with a number of other crops as well. We recommend that in order for farmers to maximize their yields (and profits), they grow one to two crops that can thrive in similar growing environments. 

Crop Rotation and Scheduling 

If you're planning on operating your LGM as a business, it's important to plan ahead so each week you have a consistent harvest. 

Below is an example nine week harvest schedule for mini head lettuce. This chart is assuming that the farmer has already seeded six trays of lettuce and allowed three weeks for their crops to germinate and sprout before beginning the process of transplanting the seedlings into the vertical towers. 

It takes mini head lettuce four weeks to grow to their full size once transplanted into the vertical towers, so the farmer needs to their farm divided into four sections of 64 towers each. We recommend placing 17 seedlings of mini lettuce into a single tower, so each week the farmer can expect to harvest 1,088 heads of mini lettuce. As you can see in week four, the farmer will harvest the first section of lettuce, and then transplant their newly sprouted seedlings into the now empty towers. This cycle will continue for each section of the farm.

Jamie, our crop specialist, explains the different kinds of crops the Leafy Green Machine can support and how long the process takes from germination to harvest. 

For more ideas about what kinds of crops are best suited for the LGM, check out our Crop Guide

If you'd like to learn more about how Freight Farms is helping farmers grow food in regions across the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean reach out to us here.

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