How to find Customers

We're dedicated to making sure each new Freight Farmer is successful, and we understand that finding customers is an important aspect of any new venture.

Below are few resources for you to review as you think about what you are going to do with all of your produce. 


Finding Customers FAQ

Don't worry, we get these a lot!

+ How do I package my crops?

Freight Farmers use a wide variety of packaging depending on where they sell their produce. We've compiled some resources to help you determine what kind of packaging best suits the needs of you and your customers.


+ What is the first step in finding customers?

Talk to your community. We strongly urge you to get out in your community and speak with multiple types of businesses that could be very excited about your project and the increased access to hyper-local, delicious, chemical free, lettuces, greens, and herbs 365 days a year.

+ How should I price my crops?

Research what your product sells for in the customer channel you have chosen to sell into. Typically customers expect faster, better, or cheaper. Successful pricing means you’re comparable in price for. For most freight farmers, they charge a premium for weekly consistent delivery (faster) and high quality local (better). Expect a 15-20% premium over average market price.


+ Can the Leafy Green Machine™ produce be certified organic?

It is absolutely possible for our growers to pursue organic certification, but be sure to check with your state’s organic certifier to see if you would qualify. Without organic certification, our crops are herbicide and pesticide free, and are not harmful to soil structures since we’re a hydroponic closed environment system!

+ What is the best crop to sell?

We suggest that you talk to folks in your community and try to meet local demand. Grow what the customer wants. Generally we see lettuces and culinary herbs (Basil, Cilantro, etc..) to be the most profitable. For more information on what grows in the LGM™ click here.


+ Can I talk to a real person about this?

Of course! We can guide you all the way through the financing process one-on-one. To get started, reach out to your Freight Farms representative or, if you don't have one, click here to get started.


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For more information about finding customers, reach out to your Freight Farms representative or contact us at