the greenery™

A turn-key vertical farm inside of a shipping container

The Greenery is the next generation container farm enabling local, hydroponic food production anywhere in the world. Developed by Freight Farms–the company that created the world’s first container farm–the Greenery packages the most advanced indoor growing technology into a modular 40-foot shipping container. Easy to transport and intuitive to use, the Greenery can unlock year-round food production in previously-unusable spaces.


Grow fresh produce year-round in any climate.


Hydroponic farming

The Greenery is a soil-less farm, providing plants with the nutrients they find in the soil with enriched water. By untethering plants from the soil in this way, the Greenery is able to grow food vertically and indoors and turn previously unusable spaces into rich farmland. Learn more about hydroponics.

Climate-controlled Agriculture

The farm maintains a crisp 70ºF year-round, allowing plants can flourish in traditionally inhospitable environments, such as deserts, high-altitudes, and city centers. In addition to air temperature, the Greenery automatically controls water temperature, humidity, CO2 concentrations, airflow, and more with Freight Farms sensor-enabled farmhand® app.

LED grow lights

The Greenery uses powerful LEDs to bring the sunlight indoors. Plants get an optimized combination of red and blue light that is specially calibrated to meet all of the plant’s needs. With up to 20 hours of sunlight a day, the plants in the Greenery consistently receive more light than any other plants in the world.


Learn more about the Greenery™

Download our product booklet for an in-depth look at all Greenery components, including a comprehensive specifications page.



What’s Inside?

All of the Greenery’s features, all in one place. Download the booklet for an in-depth look at components, cultivation techniques, and site preparation guidelines.

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All the Greenery’s
advanced features

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Cultivation & crop development

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Delivery, site & operations requirements

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Complete component specifications list