Securing land can be a big hurdle for Freight Farmers looking to start growing food in their communities. That’s why today, Freight Farms is thrilled to announce a partnership with Federal Realty Investment Trust to help remove this barrier to entry into farming by making space available on 32 properties across the United States for the Greenery.

Federal Realty owns, operates and redevelops prime community and neighborhood shopping centers all across the country. Check out a list of their properties here, you may live near one! Starting this month, Freight Farmers will be able to lease parking spaces at select shopping centers in CT, FL, IL, MA, MI, MD, NC, NJ, NY, PA and VA for the Greenery.

What’s really exciting is that each property offers a unique set of benefits for new Freight Farmers, from opportunities to partner with restaurants and grocery stores to increased brand awareness and local marketing initiatives. For farmers just launching their small business with the Greenery, this is a great opportunity to reach new markets!


Federal Realty has always been committed to sustainable development and green initiatives, which is why this partnership is a no-brainer. It empowers anyone to use the Freight Farms technology while activating Federal Realty's unused parking spaces as a place to sustainably produce local food that benefits the shopping centers' tenants, customers and community.

Federal Realty is committed to minimizing and reducing environmental impact not only through sustainable development and operations, but through strategic partnerships that bring value to the communities we serve. We are thrilled that we can help provide future farmers with opportunities for their new businesses to thrive.
— Chris Brown, Federal Realty's Director of Sustainability

We’re rolling out this program in strategic locations at first, and we look forward to expanding the partnership nationwide to empower more individuals to grow fresh produce in their communities year-round. We’re eager to get farmers growing in these new locations, so if you’re located in one of the states we listed above and want to start growing with the Greenery, contact us now for more information!