It's been another momentous year at Freight Farms, and we want to take a moment to celebrate just how far we've all come. If you’ll recall, at the end of last year we pledged to empower even more farmers across the globe, expand our own capabilities as a team and bring to light the power of farmhand. We've tallied up some numbers to see where we stand at the end of 2016...

We're thrilled to have over 100 Leafy Green Machines operating all across the world, by farmers with incredibly diverse backgrounds and motivations. As this network of freight farmers takes shape across the globe, we are excited to witness just how influential they are on the food movement as a whole.

With so many farmers joining the movement, we needed to scale up our own capabilities to ensure we were able to support them all! This year we added 11 new faces to the Freight Farms team, almost doubling our size! What departments grew the most? The Customer Success Team, the Farm Team and the Software Development Team.

The reasons for the growth of the Customer Success and Farm Team are pretty obvious, but why Software Development? One reason: to expand the capabilities of farmhand. Farmhand is what connects us and our farmers to the LGM, and it is an incredibly powerful tool. In 2016 we launched and improved numerous features to gather over 2.6 billion data points from all the LGMs.

That’s just a glimpse into what happened this year...take a look below at the rest of the highlights from 2016.


In the new year we’re looking forward to expanding our global network of farmers so they can continue to grow for their local communities and make a positive impact on the food system. We can’t wait to see how things grow in Europe and Japan, in addition to all the other new locations sprouting up freight farmers. We’re also eager to leverage the power of farmhand to help these farmers grow more successfully, and to better inform operations through all the data we’re collecting.

Freight Farms wouldn’t be where it is today without our community of farmers, supporters and fans, so thank you all! We can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.