Make High Quality Food a Staple of Your Culture

For today’s modern corporate campus, Freight Farms provides the opportunity to seamlessly integrate sustainable food production into current operations to make high-quality food a staple of the culture. Each farm offers a unique flexibility to create tailored programs to meet the specific needs of our clients. It becomes a powerful tool for promoting wellness, sustainability, and innovation while building an active community and fostering a culture of social responsibility and creativity.

7 ways to improve your corporate campus with Freight Farms:

  1. Champion social responsibility: Companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint are using container farms to offer great food at a low environmental cost. Google, the internet giant notorious for offering free breakfast, lunch, and dinner for their more than 20,000 employees, is growing produce in a Leafy Green Machine on their campus in Mountain View as part of their farm-to-table initiative.

  2. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability: Incorporating a container farm into current operations is a way to showcase your business's commitment to sustainability through more environmentally-sound sourcing practices. Each farm acts as an immediate solution to shorten the food supply chain, thereby cutting fuel emissions, increasing transportation costs, and dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of any food operation. The innovative climate technology and energy-efficient growing equipment allows businesses to grow their own produce 365 days a year, regardless of the outside climate. The closed-loop hydroponic system uses over 90% less water than traditional agriculture, significantly reducing the environmental impact of food production.

  3. Actively promote nutrition, health, and wellness: Today’s industry leaders recognize the importance of equipping employees with the tools and resources to help them lead successful, healthy lives both in and out of the workplace. Food has become a core component of every strategy, as more companies seek to provide the freshest, healthiest foods available to their staff. By equipping them with the right information, they are able to make more informed choices that support their health and in turn the health of the larger community.

  4. Be an advocate for innovative technology and creativity: Container farming gives businesses and their food service teams the opportunity to explore new, innovative approaches to food production and provides a platform for education and engagement throughout each step of the process. Producing fresh food directly on campus with the latest growing technology makes it easy to captivate employees and facilitate a dialogue around food. Campus chefs have the ability to choose what to grow and how to incorporate it into their menus. Produce is grown on-site, and brought directly into the kitchens after harvest, ensuring employees get the freshest, most nutritious food available.

  5. Serve up the freshest food for your employees year-round: Chef Kevin Gibbons of UMass Dartmouth is growing a variety of lettuces of herbs in the container farm on campus. In a recent interview, he told us, “we can harvest lettuce at 10:00 am and serve it for lunch later that day.” It doesn't get fresher than that!

  6. Educate your employees about the food supply chain: Use container farming as a tool to facilitate engagement and inspire change by providing employees with the opportunity to interact with food in a new way. Increase participation and collaboration by bringing transparency to operations and educating employees on the journey their food takes from farm to table.

  7. Cut costs: Sourcing fresh produce and herbs during the winter months can be expensive. The Courtyard Marriott Grappone Conference Center in Concord, New Hampshire is growing lettuce, kale, spinach, arugula, and basil. Steve Duprey, the owner of the hotel, reported that during the winter months they are now able to produce basil at 1/10 of the cost of wholesale prices.

Love the idea of growing fresh food at the office, but aren’t sure you want to handle all the operations yourself? Check out our new on-site farming service, Grown by Freight Farms!