Throwin' it back to some Freight Farms highlights of 2014.

As the end of year is upon us, we'd like to look back each Thursday to our various milestones. 2014 was such a big year for Freight Farms in so many ways it was difficult to narrow it down!

To kick off our month of Throwback Thursdays (#tbt for those of you on twitter and instagram), it seems fitting to shine the spotlight on our first Freight Farmer, Ryan Sweeney, owner of Localize. He successfully grew basil throughout the long, treacherous winter that Minnesota is known for. He sent us this snapshot in early January - he harvested a batch of delicious fresh basil despite the temperature outside being -21 degrees Fahrenheit, with a windchill of -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Freight Farms All Weather Growing System
Freight Farms All Weather Growing System

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