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Our Mission


Our Mission


taking local food global


As the world’s leading manufacturer of container farming technology, we’re working to empower anyone to grow food for their community.


Freight Farms lets you grow local food, year-round.


Most of us are eating produce that has traveled thousands of miles from it’s source: Not only does trucking and flying our food generate harmful emissions, but the greens typically arrive well beyond peak freshness.

Freight Farms technology makes it easy to bring people closer to their food source. The result is local, year-round production featuring fresh, sustainably-grown, and flavorful greens.


Our Products

Our Products

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Turnkey container farm

The Greenery revolutionizes the hydroponic container farm with an original design that increases productivity, improves workflow, and gives you superior climate control.

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On-site managed farming service

Our service is refined to eliminate all the operational pain points of farming so your students, employees, or tenants can enjoy the perk of local food year-round.

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IoT farm management
and automation

Farmhand’s easy-to-use digital platform lets you manage, analyze, and remotely control your farm from across the world.



A training program for everyone


Farm Camp

Training in Boston, MA

Get completely trained during in-farm and classroom sessions led by a member of the Client Services team.


farmhand® Academy

Online Courses

Created by our Farm Expert, this comprehensive program gets you trained from the comfort of home!


Total Customer Support

Almost a decade of building farms and supporting farmers has given our team extensive insight into farming best practices. We impart you with all our knowledge through in-depth training and on-demand technical support.


Farming Network

Farming Network



The farm’s modular design makes it easy to transport around the world: As of January 2019, our hydroponic container farms can be found in 38 U.S. states and 15 countries, from the coldest of Northern countries, to the hottest tropical islands and deserts.


Farmer Success Stories

Our technology has empowered hundreds of people to start farming. Together, they have created a worldwide community of Freight Farmers.

Explore their unique stories.


What kind of farmer are you?

Our farmers come from all backgrounds, no prior farming experience necessary.


Are you an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new venture?


Are you a soil farmer interested in farming year-round?


Are you looking to add a farm to your school or corporate campus?


Are you trying to create positive change in your community?