Freight Farms Expands Reach to Asia


Company Announces Partnership with Everlane to Equip Saitex Denim Factory with Leafy Green Machines™
Boston | November 21, 2017


Freight Farms today announced Everlane as a new corporate partner, who plans to purchase and launch three Leafy Green Machines™ at Saitex, their LEED-certified denim factory in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Everlane is a San Francisco-based retailer known for its commitment to radical transparency and high quality, ethically-made basics. Everlane will be placing the farms at Saitex to provide its workers with two healthy meals a day. This project is made possible by Everlane's Black Friday Fund, an annual initiative which uses Black Friday sales to improve the lives of workers at factories like Saitex.

Everlane's contribution addresses the rampant use of unregulated pesticides in Vietnam, which has severely degraded soil health and water quality. As a result, existing sources of local agriculture leave Saitex's employees at risk to exposure to dangerous chemicals.


Empowering Companies to Grow Clean Food

"We're thrilled to empower Everlane and Saitex to grow fresh and clean lettuce for their workers. The container's controlled environment enables anyone to grow produce at a commercial scale without the need for pesticides or herbicides, and with very little water consumption"

Brad McNamara
CEO & Co-founder, Freight Farms


Everlane launched online-only in November 2011 with the mission to provide consumers with well-designed, high-quality clothing and accessories at an approachable price point. Simultaneously, Everlane encourages consumers to stay informed and educated on product origins. By cutting out the middleman and sharing the true cost and markup of each product, they have become distinguished leaders in the transparent retail space, and a disruptor of the luxury clothing industry. Everlane currently works with 25 factories and employs 100 people at offices in San Francisco and New York City.


The Everlane 2017 Black Friday Fund

"Since 2014, the Black Friday Fund has allowed us to invest in projects that give back to the workers at our factories. This year, we are excited to partner with Freight Farms to build a farm that will provide the workers at Saitex two healthy meals per day that are pesticide free and grown in the cleanest way possible."


Michael Preysner
Founder, Everlane
Image Source: Business of Fashion

About Freight Farms

Founded in 2010 in Boston, Freight Farms has established itself as a leader in the agriculture technology industry. The company was the first to bring farming into a shipping container to create their flagship product: The Leafy Green Machine™. The "LGM™" is a complete vertical hydroponic growing facility built inside a repurposed container. It enables Freight Farmers to grow fresh food year-round, regardless of prior experience or environment. The LGM™ is outfitted with environmental controls and indoor growing technology, which can be monitored and controlled using Freight Farm's complementary technology platform- farmhand®.

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