Freight Farms Adds Tesla & Nest Executive Tom vonReichbauer to Advisory Board

Company also welcomes produce distribution expert Melissa Ackerman

Boston | March 7th, 2018

Freight Farms today announced former Tesla and current Nest executive Tom vonReichbauer as a new member of the Freight Farms Advisory Board. VonReichbauer is an expert in growing channel-disrupting technology companies and will assist Freight Farms as it expands the application of its hardware and software platforms into a brand new business segment.

“I’m extremely excited to support Freight Farms, as the intersection of technology and agriculture is what first hooked me on the broader theme of sustainability,” said vonReichbauer. “Brad, Jon, and the entire team at Freight Farms have built a great product and service which I believe will play a critical role in the impending food supply crunch, help consumers eat better and feel more connected to their food sources, and create new opportunities for current and aspiring farmers around the world.”

Freight Farms also welcomes Melissa Melshenker Ackerman, Executive Vice President of Sales at Produce Alliance to the Advisory Board. Her expertise is complementary to Von Reichbauer’s, and she will leverage her experience with produce distribution at the national account level to guide Freight Farms in future partnerships with major distributors, brokers, buyers, and sellers.

Freight Farms manufactures the Leafy Green Machine™ container farm, which is capable of growing 100 lbs. of produce per week in any climate or location, and develops the farmhand® software platform for hydroponic growers.

About Freight Farms

Founded in 2010 in Boston by Jon Friedman and Brad McNamara, Freight Farms has established itself as a leader in the agriculture technology industry. The company was the first to bring farming into a shipping container to create their flagship product: The Leafy Green Machine™. To date, there are over 180 Leafy Green Machines in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Current customers include Google and Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, who runs Square Roots in Brooklyn, NY.

About farmhand®

Farmhand is a platform that allows users to leverage real-time data from sensors and in-farm cameras, track their farm’s climate, set parameters for ideal growing conditions, and receive notifications if any changes occur.

Farmhand® is primarily used to operate Freight Farms' Leafy Green Machine™ container farms, but has been tested in large-scale hydroponic greenhouses over the past year. The software is compatible with many hardware controllers, and will soon become available to all hydroponic farmers regardless of the scale of their operation.

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