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Est. 2016


We caught up with Andrew in Houston to learn all about operating two Leafy Green Machines, supplying local restaurants with fresh greens, and container farming in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Andrew Abendshein

No. of Farms
One (Andrew recently decided to downsize from two farms)

Business Model
Grocery Stores

Area Served
Downtown Houston

Main Crops
Startbor Kale
Red Cross Lettuce
Bibb Lettuce
Boston Lettuce




While Andrew Abendshein has always been interested in health and sustainability, he never imagined himself becoming an urban farmer. However, Andrew saw his opportunity to bring fresh and local food production to his hometown of Houston, Texas when he discovered Freight Farms in December 2015. By early 2016, Acre in a Box was born.

Knowing that he wanted to partner with local restaurants, Andrew approached Dustin Teague, the chef at Relish with his business idea. Dustin was very excited and let Andrew come to his kitchen to get a sense for the restaurant's leafy green needs. 

Today, Acre in a Box is successfully operating two Leafy Green Machines™. They grow kale and a variety of quality lettuces which they sell to restaurants in the Downtown Houston area. Andrew hopes to expand his operations and become and supplier and partner with HEB - a large Texan grocery store chain.

Photo: Acre in a Box Instagram

Photo: Acre in a Box Instagram

With [the Leafy Green Machine], you can have a whole acre equivalent inside 320 square feet, and that just makes perfect sense. When you run the numbers per head, per square foot, it’s a no-brainer.
— Andrew Abendshein, Founder & CEO, Acre in a Box


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Take an in-depth look at Acre in a Box in our one hour interview with Andrew.  We review all of the following and more.

  1. Discovery & Decision

  2. Finding a Farm Site

  3. Business Plan

  4. Operations

  5. Community

  6. Future Plans

  7. Advice

  8. Audience Q&A

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Webinar recap 

Andrew and his business partners are operating two Leafy Green Machines™ north of downtown Houston. They have several successful restaurant partnerships and a lot of recognition from their community. We sat down with Andrew to record an hour-long webinar about Acre in a Box. After the webinar, many of our listeners wanted more! We followed up with Andrew with some of your additional questions and included them here with a brief summary...

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The team at Acre in a Box has combined their skills in information technology, marketing, and education to bring sustainability and local food to downtown Houston, Texas. There, they supply several farm-to-table restaurants with their hyperlocal produce. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Andrew about what it takes to start up an urban farming business and find loyal customers…

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Restaurant Partners

The greens are a huge hit. It’s allowed us to take our salads and offer a consistent quality across the board. Never affected by weather, never affected by Mother Nature... Our greens here at Relish are the best in town.
— Dustin Teague, Executive Chef & Owner, Relish


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