Introducing The Greenery™

Wow, wow, wow. It’s finally here! For almost a year now, we’ve been preparing for this moment. Although it’s bittersweet (we loved the Leafy Green Machine), the Greenery is a worthy successor of the farm that helped us empower hundreds of individuals to become farmers.

Creating a new design meant inventing new technology.

The Leafy Green Machine has loyally served us for years. Over that time, we accumulated rich quantitive and qualitative data from our own research and the experiences of our customers. Previously, our Research & Development team had used the data to make annual improvements to the Leafy Green Machine. This time around, we looked at all the changes we wanted to make and decided that it was time to think bigger. Instead of reorganizing updated technology into the same layout, we went ahead and blueprinted an entirely new farm.


While we often think about farmers as our primary customers, the farm is really a shared space between humans and plants. It was important for us to create a farm where both could thrive. The Greenery’s design leans into this symbiotic relationship to improve yields, efficiencies, and workflows for the farmers while also creating the most ideal environment for plants. We call that a win-win!

SO, What’s New?

A Fully Reimagined Interior

The Greenery combines customizable grow rows with new plant panels and LED technology to boost yields and create streamlined operations for the farmer.


A Mobile rack system

The Greenery’s main growing space is set up on a sliding rack system, so you can now shift grow rows and LED panels to create custom layouts. This flexible space not only gives the farmer better access to plants, but it can be adjusted to give plants more room to grow!

Freight Farms_Greenery Arial View.gif


70% more growing room

Goodbye crop column, hello plant panel! Our unique 5-channel plant panel design captures previously unused space to unlock 70% more growing space within the same footprint. The Greenery also has 30% more nursery plant sites in the seedling area, so you can keep up with demands.


Farmers using new plant panels can activate all that extra space by practicing more advanced farming methods that are optimized around how plants grow and how big they get. These methods include row cropping, mixed cropping, and linear cropping:


The strongest Lights In the biz

We’ve upgraded the rope lighting to rigid LED panel arrays. The panels are hyper-directional, meaning they aim all their intense light energy directly at the canopy. This results in plants getting 3x the light (which makes for happy plants) and farmers getting fuller, heavier plants within a faster growth period (which makes for happy farmers!).


Better Resource Efficiency

We’ve always worked to build the most energy-efficient farms possible, and the Greenery is taking it to a whole new level. Systems throughout the Greenery, including lighting and climate control, use and reclaim resources with unrivaled efficiency.

saving energy

Because the LED arrays are focused directionally, light energy waste is prevented, and despite triple the intensity, there is no 3x corresponding electricity draw.

saving water

The farm’s powerful new climate control system condenses and recycles moisture in the air so efficiently, it can capture up to 1.5 gallons of water per hour, and even make the Greenery water-positive in some climates!

Saving Time

The Greenery’s mobile rack system gives farmers direct access to all plants for more convenient harvesting, pruning, cleaning and maintenance. This reduces farm work time by 25–50%.


Full Automation & Control

The Greenery pairs exceptional design with complete connectivity. Each farm component is built from the ground up with farmhand® IoT integration, bringing unparalleled control and transparency to farming.

Smart farm

Using IoT-connected sensors, the Greenery continuously relays all climate, component, and camera data directly to farmhand®. With this information at their fingertips – via smartphone, tablet, or desktop – farmers can confidently operate and monitor their farm remotely.

Tailored climate control

With Freight Farms’ catalogue of real-world growing data, farmers can replicate ideal environmental conditions, or “recipes,” for consistent crop quality. They can even grow non-native produce varieties for in their local market by creating environments otherwise impossible in their region.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Almost every legacy component of the Leafy Green Machine has been redesigned to work better, faster, and stronger. Check it out!

Explore all of the Greenery’s exciting new features.