As a tech-focused and mission driven company, we’re always eager to be involved with organizations and events that align on both levels. Last week was jam-packed as Freight Farms represented at two events in Boston and Las Vegas, showcasing our innovations in ag-tech and provoking conversations on how to harness them for the greater good. Here’s how our team members were representing Freight Farms on opposite ends of the country:



First up: LiveWorx 2015 Hackathon in Boston

This hackathon assembled top engineers, designers and developers from across the world to compete in creating solutions in the following categories: Smart Cities, Accessibility, and Smart Agriculture...with a mission like that we knew we had to be involved. The LiveWorx team brought on board our resident tech expert, Kyle Seaman, and industrial designer, Derek Baker, to assist in the hackathon and demo one of our office living walls for inspiration!

Each team worked around the clock for 24 hours designing devices to solve key issues in each area, and presented their solutions on stage with Steve Wozniak. The smart agriculture team developed an app, “Farmr”, to foster sustainable agriculture and micro-farming… describing it as “the world's largest community garden” in an app! Check out this video for a full recap.


Next up: Collision Conference in Las Vegas

When you hear Las Vegas, one wouldn’t immediately envision the scene that took place at the World Market Center last week at Collision Conference. Over 10,000 tech enthusiasts and startups got together to geek out over the latest advancements in everything from drones and robots to you guessed it: farming technology.

A spinoff of Websummit, the goal for Collision was to bring together startup tech companies poised to disrupt the status quo and provide an opportunity for collaboration. We knew this would be the perfect second stop for the Leafy Green Machine #FARMONTOUR. We rolled out the green carpet for conference attendees to tour the Leafy Green Machine and gave them a glimpse into the future of farming (cue the music).

The atmosphere was electric and the enthusiasm from the crowd as they explored the LGM was palpable. Each person we talked to had bold ideas about what they would do with a farm:

“Every restaurant should have one of these.”

“Are you in California yet? The drought is killing us out there.”

“Do schools operate these? This would be a perfect educational tool.”

It was inspiring to hear. People got it. They understood the versatility of the product and the mission of the company perfectly. We make the farms, and customers make the impact with the farms. We’re here to support and empower anyone whether they want to start a business, feed their community, use it for research, bring fresh produce to their campus, anything.

Check out what others are saying about Freight Farms after Collision here:

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Overall we couldn’t be happier with how each event turned out. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen! If you know of any events that you think would be a good fit, don’t hesitate to reach out, we always want to hear from you.

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