Our world is changing. More people than ever are now living in tightly populated, urban areas, and there’s an increasing demand for locally grown and sustainably produced food. People want to know the story behind the meal on their plates. And even city dwellers want their food to be fresh and full of nutrients, not pre-packaged and shipped from thousands of miles away.

Our climate is also continuing to evolve. Extreme weather conditions are becoming more common, and land and water are becoming more scarce. Large-scale food production and distribution has had a significant impact on the earth’s ecosystem, and it’s continuing to affect our water levels and biodiversity.

Freight Farms is addressing the needs of the world’s changing food landscape by providing physical and digital solutions for creating local produce ecosystems on a global scale. Freight Farms customers are located across North America and range from entrepreneurs and small businesses, to hotels and restaurants, to corporations and educational institutions. By decentralizing the food supply chain and bringing production closer to consumers, Freight Farms is drastically reducing the environmental impact of traditional agriculture and empowering any individual, community or organization to sustainably grow fresh produce year-round, no matter their location, background or climate.