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Steve Huntley

+ Enlightened Crops: Grand Rapids, Missouri

In 2017, Steve Huntley founded Enlightened Crops in Grand Rapids, MI. Steve had no prior farming experience, but with training and the help of his fellow Freight Farmer and neighbor, Brian Harris, he made a successful transition to his second career in container farming! Today, he and his wife Cathy sell produce from their farm to a large grocery store in town, a four diamond restaurant, and members of his community online. While Steve enjoys experimenting with different crops, the majority of his farm is growing basil, lettuces, and arugula.

Enlightened Crops was featured in our May 2019 webinar, watch it now!

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Thomas Smitherman

+ Hammock Greens: Miami, Florida

Based in Miami, FL, Thomas Smitherman founded Hammock Greens in 2017 with a mission in mind - produce the highest quality hyper-local greens South Florida has to offer. Today, Thomas runs a total of six LGM farms with business partner and chef Aaron Drelinger. They grow a wide variety of organic, non-GMO lettuces, as well as leafy greens and herbs including benefine frisee, sorrel, swiss chard, anise, and basil. Due to market demand for high-quality, hyperlocal produce, Hammock Greens sells nearly all of its produce to restaurants. However, a portion of yields are also donated to the homeless.

Hammock Greens was featured in our July 2019 webinar, watch it now!

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Steve Arnold

+ Eatin' Greens: Montrose, Colorado

Steve and Suzie Arnold operate Eatin’ Greens Farm out of their Leafy Green Machine in Montrose, CO - population 20,000. Grown from organic, non-GMO seeds, Eatin’ Greens mainly produces lettuces, kale and arugula, but has also experimented with bok choy, sorrel, basil, bloomsdale spinach, tomatoes, and dragon toe peppers. They sell to a local Farmers Market and kitchen store as well as a popular food truck. Eatin’ Greens also delivers to several individuals on a weekly basis and even has a display fridge with produce available at a nearby Fitness studio!

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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook, New York

In 2015, Stony Brook University became the first university campus to integrate a Freight Farm into their dining operations. The farm is entirely student run, making it a great opportunity not only for employment, but education in sustainability and food production as well. Today, the university harvest lettuces, herbs and leafy greens from their Leafy Green Machine and supplies them directly to the dining halls, providing students with fresh, hyperlocal produce every day.

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