Sustainable, local food production directly on campus.

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Freight Farms provides today’s modern university or college campus the opportunity to seamlessly integrate sustainable food production into current operations to make high-quality, local food a staple of the campus culture. Each 2017 Leafy Green Machine offers a unique flexibility to create tailored programs to meet the specific needs of each campus. The LGM becomes a powerful tool for promoting health and wellness, sustainability and innovation while fostering a culture of social responsibility.



Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by growing food directly on campus year-round.



Promote student health and wellness
by serving produce harvested just hours before consumption.


Bring transparency to operations
and educate students on the journey their food takes from
farm to table.

The introduction of the technology not only helps reinforce our ongoing sustainability efforts, but also encourages and inspires students to be more sustainable.
— James O’Connor, Director of Sustainability and Transportation Operations at Stony Brook University


Actually working in a hydroponic farm makes it so real. That’s why I’ve been so thankful that Chartwells decided to invest in students. Chartwells has invested so much into me, and they want to make sure that students here get involved in things they’re passionate about
— Taylor Pruitt, University of Arkansas Student Freight Farmer
It doesn’t get much closer or transparent than right on campus, even in January. The Farm has also been a successful addition to the experience that Sodexo’s dining program is built on at Clark University, including education, nutrition, innovation and partnership.
— Heather Vaillette, District Manager for Sodexo
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