webinar | Acre in a box

Andrew Abendshein launched Acre In a Box in 2016 along with the help of his colleagues Ana, Drew, and Julia.  The four's combined passion for sustainability and local food was what inspired them to launch their urban hydroponic farming business in downtown Houston, Texas, where they supply several farm-to-table restaurants and (most recently a grocery store) with their hyperlocal produce.

On September 25th, 2017 we interviewed Andrew to learn more about his journey to becoming a Freight Farmer and what it's like to run two farms while still having a day job.

This webinar covers: 

  • Market Research & Business Model Development

  • Finding Customers

  • Finding the Perfect Site

  • Choosing the right crops to grow

  • Business Operations vs. LGM Operations

Webinar Re-Cap

Don’t have time for the hour-long webinar? Not to worry! We summarized the entire conversation on the Freight Farms Blog.

Case Study

Learn more about Acre in a Box on our dedicated Case Study page, featuring an exclusive video interview with Andrew and his customers.

Grocery Store Trends

The biggest trend in grocery stores? Local food! We explore how consumers are looking for more access to local options on the shelf.

What Chefs Think

Andrew loves working with chefs, but what how do chefs feel about the produce they’re buying? (Hint: they like it.)