We’ve been raving about our cloud-connected farms for ages now,

but have you ever been formally introduced to our Farmhand app?

Here at Freight Farms we pride ourselves on taking the heavy lifting out of farming, and this app is a huge component of that mission. Farming is a profession that has historically been labor intensive and unpredictable, so by harnessing technology we’re shaping it into one that is more easily managed and controlled.

Why is this app so great for our farmers? Typically a freight farmer only spends a portion of their week inside the unit either seeding, transplanting or harvesting, but it’s important that they know what’s happening inside even when they’re away. That’s where the app comes in.

Farmhand allows you to keep tabs on your operation at all times with real-time data from sensors inside the farm. That means whether you’re traveling or running errands you can rest assured knowing that things are running smoothly.

What exactly are you monitoring? All the key components of your farm: air, water, nutrients, and plant growth. Right from your phone you can check temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in the air and nutrient and pH levels of the water. Not only that, but you can set parameters for ideal growing conditions and receive notifications if there are any changes to the environment. It’s essentially like having a farm assistant in the palm of your hand. Check out the pictures below and you’ll get a better sense of what we’re talking about. And if you want to amaze your friends and co-workers you can show them plants growing via live in-farm cameras...that’s what we do anyway!

We’ll have more announcements about this app in the near future, so stay tuned! Check it out at

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