As another Friday comes to a close, we’d love to share some news articles and other noteworthy pieces that are on our radar this week - ranging from urban farming in the MLB to a whole new kind of "CSA" to Freight Farms community news.

Can Farmers Outsmart Climate Change: Climate-Smart AgricultureWhat is Climate-Smart Agriculture?

You may have noticed a few particular buzzwords pop up frequently in the news recently: “climate-smart agriculture”. The idea is simple - farmers adapt their practices and technology with the changing climate, not against it, and minimize disruption to our food system. These two articles are great to familiarize yourself with CSA initiatives [not to be confused with CSAs!] and how CSA has progressed from merely a philosophy to actually being practiced.

Growing.. Growing.. Gone! Urban Farming Hits the Big Leagues

America’s favorite pastime just got a whole lot tastier - baseball stadiums have begun to implement urban farming programs, forever changing the face of traditional “stadium food”. The San Francisco Giants have unveiled an ambitious plan which will give the ballpark one of the largest urban farms in the nation, and giving locavore game-goers something to really cheer about!

Starting Good Podcast with Brad McNamara of Freight Farms

If you aren’t familiar with StartingGood, you should be! This website streams a new podcast with an accompanying blog post each month, telling the stories behind non-profit innovators and social entrepreneurs -- each story highlights truly awesome folks. This week, Brad was interviewed! If you weren’t able to tune in on Monday, tune in now to catch up with what’s been happening at Freight Farms.

Shipping Container in Downtown Cornwall Grows Greens All Year

It’s been an exciting time within the Freight Farms community as well - our first Canadian farmers, Smart Greens, have begun their operations in Cornwall, Ontario! CBC stopped by to interview the farmers behind this exciting endeavor and pop into the farm to take a tour. Check out this interview to see what’s going on with our Freight Farms neighbors up north!

Eric & Eric of Smart Greens with their farm! 

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