10 Entrepreneurship and Food Policy Podcasts you Should be Listening to

Podcasts are a great way to absorb information whether you're commuting, have a long drive ahead of you, or just don't feel like reading! The Freight Farms team has a lot of favorites, so we decided to share our favorite entrepreneurship and food-policy related podcasts with you to help grow your knowledge of the industry. We hope that these podcasts will inspire listeners to contribute to a better food system whether it's shifting your own eat habits, or providing you with the entrepreneurial inspiration to start your own food or agriculture start-up. Happy listening!

1. The Secret IngredientIn each episode, hosts Raj Patel, Tom Philpott, and Rebecca McInroy select a different food and do a deep dive to investigate the supply chain through interviews with leading experts to learn the history behind the production of that particular ingredient and the people whose lives are affected by the food on our plates. Their latest episode is all about strawberries. 

2. The Food ChainThe investigative journalism team from the BBC examines the business, culture, and science behind the food we eat. The episodes cover a broad range of topics from delving into the biology of food rot to the cultural power of cookbooks. 

3. How I Built This: Esteemed journalist Guy Raz of NPR interviews the founders of some of the world's most successful companies such as Rolling Stone, Lonely Planet, and Crate and Barrel to gain insight into their entrepreneurial process and talk about their successes and failures along the way.  

4. The Environment Report: This twice-weekly show from NPR is based in Michigan, and is worth a listen no matter where you live. The podcast investigates the relationship between the natural world and humans. Also, each episode is only 4 minutes! 

5. A Taste of the Past: In this podcast, culinary historian Linda Pelaccio takes you on a journey through the history of a new dish each week. She explores the links between food cultures of present day all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia and Rome. 

6. Gastropod: Every two weeks co-hosts Cynthia Graber, and Nichola Twilley take a deep dive into the science and history around current issues in the supply chain and agriculture and food trends to untangle the truth from popular culture. 

7. Bite: From Mother Jones, Bite helps its listeners digest current food news, food politics and more. The hosts, Tom Philpott, Kiera Butler and Maddie Oatman interview leaders in the industry from fellow journalists, to scientists, to farmers and chefs. 

8. Homesteady: This podcast focuses on living a more sustainable life through producing, hunting, or foraging your own food for you, your family, friends, and community to enjoy. Homesteady arms you with both the knowledge and the inspiration to become more self-sufficient. 

9. StartupThis podcast is a must for lovers of entrepreneurship. In the current season, each episode tells the story of a different startup, but earlier seasons detail the introspective, nitty gritty details of how Alex Bloomberg from Planet Money and This American Life created his own podcasting company called Gimlet Media. 

10. Special Sauce: Hosted by the Serious Eats founder Ed Levine, Special Sauce is dedicated to interviewing James Beard nominated foodie rock stars such as Dan Barber, Barbara Lynch, and Mark Ladner about everything from insider industry tips to lessons on food and life. 

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