What Kind Of Farmer Are You?


What Kind Of Farmer Are You?

GROW Your 

Bring Sustainable and Local Production to Your Community


Start a successful venture with year-round production regardless of your climate or previous farming experience.

Sell to a diverse customer base through CSAs, restaurants, wholesalers, and farmers markets.

Redefine local by participating in a growing demand for fresh and local produce.

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Meet Our Freight Farmers


Today we have Freight Farmers from many diverse backgrounds growing hydroponic produce in 30 U.S. states, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Guam, and the Caribbean.

As soon as someone tastes our greens, it is instant enthusiasm and some recognition that we are farming, albeit modernly.
— Brittany Moreland of Elevated Harvest, Red Lodge, MT
Our [farm] gives us the ability to sustain a broader product line throughout the year and sustain our revenue and employee base over the winter.
— Jon Shaw of Karma Farm, Monkton, MD


launch your Freight Farm


Wondering how you can start farming within a year? Here are the five main steps for making your vision a reality. Explore the full path here.

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Build Your Vision

Consider who your customers will be and where you can find them. This will help you determine a sales strategy: direct-to-consumer, CSA, or wholesale to grocers and restaurants.

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Find Your Site

Our farms require a flat, 50' x 10' plot with access to water and electricity. Be proactive and start asking your municipality the right questions as soon as you are seriously considering buying.

How to Approach Your Municipality About Shipping Container Farming
Freight Farming with Federal Realty Investment Trust

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Make Your Investment

We're dedicated to making sure each new Freight Farmer is successful, and we understand that financing is an important aspect of any new venture. We have multiple options available to suit your needs.

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Farm Camp

Learn everything about operating a hydroponic farm during a two-day intensive training at our headquarters in Boston, MA, where we combine in-farm sessions and classroom lessons. Additionally, you can learn remotely with a step-by-step online training course. See the Farm Camp syllabus here.

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Launch Your Farm

To set up, hook up your farm  to electricity, plumbing, and WiFi. Your farm comes fully-equipped with all components needed for immediate production, so you can start growing right away.

We estimate that you will need to spend about 20-25 hours a week to maintain the farm; these hours can be handled by one person, or split between a team.



Grow your

Use our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and research to inform your own decisions! We've compiled tons of helpful articles and blog posts to guide you on your Freight Farm journey. 



find customers with whatsgood

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Freight Farms has partnered with WhatsGood to help our farmers sell their produce wholesale and retail. Find buyers who are invested in purchasing fresh and local food. WhatsGood is easy to set up and use, so register today to find buyers in your area.