Who is Jaime? Think modern farmer + yogi + scientist + holistic healer all rolled into one. Her passion for farming and love of Boston led her to work at Freight Farms, where she gets the best of both worlds. She works in our Leafy Green Machine at FFHQ collecting data and experimenting with new crops and growing techniques. On top of that, she gets us all a little healthier by sharing her knowledge of herbalism and the beneficial properties of plants...she’s kind of like our resident hippie.

With the nickname Dirt Worshiper in college, it’s pretty cool that she’s now a hydroponic farmer. To get to know her even better, we asked Jaime to answer a few questions:

What is your role at Freight Farms?

Jaime: I lead crop research at Freight Farms. This means I spend my days testing various varieties of leafy greens and other experimental crops including yield and spacing success. I also work with Andrew to train our farmers and lead farm tours of our Leafy Green Machine.

What is your background/experience with farming?

Jaime: I first became interested in farming and local food after reading a Michael Pollan book freshman year of college. This led me to WWOOF on a couple of different farms during college to experience what it takes to grow food and what it means to work with the land. More recently, I spent a year in Vermont farming an acre garden by hand and tending chickens, cows, and sheep. I also currently study working with and growing a lot of culinary and medicinal herbs.  

What do you enjoy most while freight farming? (or your favorite part of the day working)

Jaime: It's hard to say - I love the whole growing process. Seeing seeds grow into seedlings and caring for them until harvest. It's always really amazing to me to witness the whole growing cycle from tiny seed to harvestable plant.

What excites you most about Freight Farms and the future?

Jaime: I would love to see Freight Farms catalyze the local food movement in cities and especially food deserts. There are lots of opportunities to provide nutritious, local food as well as create local jobs.

You'll be hearing a lot more about Jaime and the things she's working on at Freight Farms in the future! If you have any questions about the farm or how to get started, don't hesitate to reach out. Just fill out our contact form here.

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