We’d like to formally introduce you to Jerry Martin, owner of Vet Veggies and our first Veteran freight farmer. Like all of our farmers, he came to us with a big idea for what he wanted to do with his farm. He has a powerful story to share, and this is only the beginning.

Jerry served as a helicopter pilot in the United States Army in the 1970’s, and comes from a long standing history of Veterans. His daughter, Jackie, also served in the US Air Force and is a driving force for his work and passion. Since returning from service, Jerry has been actively searching for ways to give back to the veteran community and to be of service to those in need of help.

When Jerry found Freight Farms he saw an opportunity. One that would allow him to start a new business right where he lived in Arkansas growing fresh veggies, while also helping him be a resource to other veterans.

For some veterans returning from service, it can be difficult to transition back to civilian life with a 9-5 job after living such an active outdoor life in the military. Having experienced this first hand, Jerry believes freight farming can benefit Veterans by helping them find self-employment and fulfillment at or near home.

Agriculture and farm business opportunities for transitioning Veterans have become increasingly common in recent years, as the benefits become more apparent. Agriculture is more than just a way to grow food, and farming is more than just a profession. For veterans, farming can be powerfully therapeutic, bringing them peace and a sense of purpose in everyday life. The work is truly meaningful and of great importance, as farmers nourish our communities across the country. Farming is an employment opportunity that allows Veterans to continue making a significant impact on their homeland.

Through his work at Vet Veggies, Jerry is eager to help veterans interested in pursuing farming as a career, or even a new hobby. If you’re interested in the mission of Vet Veggies or if you have a question for Jerry, we encourage you to follow on Facebook. We'll also be sure to update you on his progress!

If you'd like to learn more about how to get started freight farming, fill out our contact form here.

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