Jerry Martin and Darryl Hill saw an opportunity to help people through a new business venture, Vet Veggies. Their mission is twofold: provide their community in Arkansas with the freshest produce available, and be a resource for veterans transitioning back from the war. Watch their story:

Founded in 2015, Vet Veggies has already made a tremendous impact on the local food movement in Arkansas. Every week, Jerry and Darryl work together to fulfill the growing demand for fresh produce in their region. Their locally grown greens can be found on the shelves of grocery stores and school cafeterias across the state.


In addition to improving access to fresh produce in the community, Vet Veggies also acts as a resource for veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

Having experienced the difficulties of war firsthand, Jerry understands how farming can be powerfully therapeutic for veterans. Through his work at Vet Veggies, he is eager to help those interested in pursuing it as a career. “As a veteran myself, I can’t think of a better way to forget the experiences in the war than by farming and feeding people.”


There is no doubt that Vet Veggies will continue to shape the food movement in Arkansas. And as Jerry puts it, "When I plant the seeds, I have hope that the future is going to be good."

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